Our Passion is Travel.


Today, Ellen & Tony have two boys, that have traveled with them to many luxury destinations.  Family travel is special to the Driskell Family.

Prior to starting a family, Ellen & Tony traveled to many Romantic Destinations.  In reality, the combination of family and romance travel has been intertwined into a deep passion for spending time in exotic island destinations.

Our Goal is to Create Memories that Last a Lifetime.

Tony Driskell is an entrepreneur with a broad array of interests that include horticulture, photography, and doing business in international destinations.  His favorite places that he has visited in Southeast Asia  include Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong & Japan.  He has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Bora Bora and to many European countries.  The Caribbean is a favorite destination of the entire Driskell Family.

Ellen Driskell has traveled throughout Europe and especially loves Greece, Austria and France.  Her interests include interior design, shopping, and wedding planning.  Ellen has a wealth of knowledge of wonderful Wedding Destinations and beautiful places to Honeymoon.

Departures Travel, Inc. was started by Ellen & Tony Driskell twenty years ago, when Ellen was pregnant with their first son.

departures travel, inc

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